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Branding – importance to the real world!

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Branding is a very powerful concept. We had a whole 2-credit course during our Masters on this topic of International brand management. As they say “you don’t sell a product, you try to always sell a brand”.

The objective in branding is always to build a strong brand recall and what we call in management parlance, ‘mindshare’.

Since I am a news junkie and subscribe to a copy of the Economic times daily since 2003, I get an edition of “Brand Equity” every Wednesday. Recently, the previous Wednesday’s Brand Equity carried an article on brand “James Bond” and the “007” brand. According to some estimates, it is a billion dollar brand with associations such as women, powerful techno savvy gadgetry, a conspiracy theory of some sort and the good versus evil battle with a terrific opening climax sequence.

I thought this article on 007 was one of the best I have come across on the concept of branding. Think about it – this is something we all grew up watching and its fascinating to imagine that although the men acting as James Bond have changed over the years, the concept still sells like hot cakes! I just saw on television yesterday that the release of the latest film on 007 is set for an India release later this week. The film is called “Casino Royale” and is based on Ian Flemings first concept. The number of licensed releases of this in India (12 licensed countrywide) are slated to surpass even that of Sony’s Spiderman-2 (that had 9 licensed releases).

There are two main schools of thought to branding – Keller’s and Aaker’s theories. We did both though the emphasis was on the Keller school of thought of branding.

I will try to pitch in some more interesting tit-bits on branding in future posts as I like this concept and its very much a part of the overall broad concept of International business.


Written by Naveen Athresh

November 12, 2006 at 4:24 pm

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