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Aero India 2007!

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I have been to about 2 of the past shows on Aero India in the past in different years – 1993 (I rem, the minimum age then for entry with my pass was 18 years and I had just turned 18 then and was scared stiff should someone ask since I looked about 12!) and again in Feb 2001.

Each time, we had a pass because my dad was in the Indian Air Force – IAF ( ( so we would get complimentary passes!!

It was fun in those days!

I think the display we saw during 1993 was fantastic was by far the best! We saw Jaguars from a close range, the British Sea Harrier, the French Dassault – the Mig 21’s and the Mig 29’s, the Fokker group, large transport aircraft and met a whole load of my dad’s old colleagues there as one would expect – I even had recorded the video of the show on the VCR then (in those days of a TV telecast of the same event)!

The show we went to in 2001 was more sedate – we saw the Sukhoi’s and the Mig’s making all sorts of twists and turns – exhilerating experience indeed!

Its actually a very commercialized event for the Indian defence sector since a lot of big  deals are made – the attraction to the public is because they get to witness Aircrafts at close range – the crowds are huge as one would expect! India is expected to make some big ticket purchases this time! Lockheed Martin is taking a major interest in this with the F16’s being on display!

I think as of now, we have lost the enthu to go to the Air show though, I would want to watch Ratan Tata flying the F-16 though – he is 70 years old!

The organizers of this show are

Ministry of Defence, Government of India

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

Farnborough International Limited.

Yelahanka AF station is close to all of us in our family in terms of affinity to the location – it evokes strong memories of my childhood days! I spent my childhood in that place – most of my best friends till date are my childhood friends.

The Indian Air Force culture is fantastic – you have to be there to experience it!

The Aero India 2007


Written by Naveen Athresh

February 7, 2007 at 11:11 am

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