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Carly Fiorina’s memoir – Tough choices

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For some reason, I have admired Carly Fiorina and publicly so on my peer networking group – Eco_Fin. I somehow felt that this lady had reached the upper echelons of a top US technology enterprise (to be the CEO of HP) by sheer guts and determination.

There are quite a few lady CEO’s who I admire who have made it big.

– Indira Nooyi – Chairman and CEO, Pepsico (NYSE: PEP)

– Carly Fiorina – ex. Chairman and CEO , Hewlett Packard company (NYSE: HPQ)

There was another book of Carly’s titled “Perfect enough” and the reinvention of Hewlett Packard that I had purchased and read up way back in 2003. It was good and spoke a lot of the aggressive and the controversies/hostilities surrounding the merger of HP and Compaq in 2002.

I have so far not got to read the following books:

– The HP way

– The Toyota way

I will do so shortly.

I am still reading up this book but she highlights the difficulties of her earlier years while at AT&T (American telephone and telegraph – NYSE: ATT), how Lucent technologies (NYSE: LU) was spun off, how the red splash logo of Lucent was conceived, how the baby bells were born etc.

I did not know that she did an advanced management programme at Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), Boston, MA for an year while taking a sabbatical from AT&T.


Written by Naveen Athresh

March 11, 2007 at 10:49 am

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