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Indian team’s sojourn – West Indies – Cricket world cup 2007 – economics

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Who are the winners of the cricket world 2007 economic battle?

Well, you guessed it. Even if India do not make it to the Super 8 (, the winners would still be the BCCI and the players themselves since the correlation between their (the individual player’s) on-the-field performance and their financial success is so low!

Who will get affected are the advertisers since the slots between the matches for advertising will see decreasing rates if India do not qualify for the Super 8. Who will get affected are also broadcasters such as Sony etc.

The financial and the economic clout the BCCI enjoys over the proceeds of world cricket and the ICC is no secret.

Is this fair? Who should be the real ones getting affected? My money is on the players to feel the pinch but it ain’t going to happen that way.

After the humilating defeat to its geographic neighbour, Bangladesh, in a league match at the WI yesterday, India has a lot of answering to do.

Pertinent questions someone should seek to answer:

– Is Sachin Tendulkar too old to continue? Is he simply a brand icon and has lost his focus on his primary profession – Cricket?

– Is Ganguly a better choice as a captain to spearhead the Indian cricket team. Many say, Ganguly is 10 times more aggressive than Rahul Dravid – the current captain.

– The picking of the world cup squad for the ICC Cricket world cup 2007.

Here’s some food for thought:

Sachin makes millions of dollars every year by his brand endorsements alone ( This is similar to Michael Schumacher’s (the recently retired badshah aka king of F1 – both in the sport and commercially) strategy of making his millions and being one of the richest sportspersons in the world alongside the likes of David Becham (the crown prince of commercial Football) etc. However, there is a stark difference between Sachin and Michael ( as I see it. Michael performs while Sachin rarely does and therein lies the difference!

Sachin is still a youth icon in India and serves as a role model for almost 70-75% of the Indian younger genre – nothwithstanding the fact that he has hardly performed in the last few years. Despite this, he is retained in the Indian cricket team. Why? No one knows. Is he supreme? I don’t think so. The Aussies have better calibre cricketers than our Indian cricketers and they don’t spend their time marketing and spending time at the advertisers making their millions rather than at the nets unlike their Indian counterparts.

Other senior cricketers are equally focused on making fatter pay packets through endorsements rather than through their primary channel – Cricket.

India is a cricket crazy nation of billion+ people. I say billion plus because the expatriate populace is equally crazy about this game.

However, as a general representative of the public in a truly democratic society, I say this:

We want results. We don’t care how the Indian cricket team does this – bring in pay for performance strategies, or a better coach, bring in better accountability for losses, bring in better rules and enhance the discipline in the players, scrap all sponsorship deals for the national team’s players.

We want our sportspersons to be sportspersons and not brand icons. We want them to focus their free time on introspection to put in a better performance. After all, they should attribute their popularity to us – the public and the media – who can make a cricketer to go from being a prince to a pig in the span of a single day’s performance!

See this link:

It speaks of the BCCI being one of the richest sporting bodies in this world – gives you an idea of the monopoly status not just our board enjoys but also the players!

Indian cricket team – we are not happy – if you are listening. Focus on the game not on the money. The money is a by-product of the quality with which you play the game and not vice versa. Unfortunately, you are thinking of the vice versa strategy.

Supplementing my point:

How many Indian cricketers have alternate professions? Many of them own posh restaurants that brings in an assured  income stream for them even years into their retirement. These restaurants are being run by professional managers. Need they think of alternate sources of income once they retire, nah! They have enough of millions to feed 7 more of their generations!


Written by Naveen Athresh

March 18, 2007 at 12:51 pm

Posted in Sports

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  1. A new indian Cricket team need to be discovered and must be trained very hard for the next world cup . The current indian cricket team is useless.. especially “Sachin” ,Dhoni,Viru Bajji.. and the new team should only allowed to concentrate in cricket not on ads and other things .

    Bikash jain

    March 24, 2007 at 9:32 pm

  2. The Indian Cricket team is the worlds most supported cricket team, it is the worlds richest sports team, and yet for all this money – we can’t even win 1 world cup. For all the support placed on the team – I believe the team should give it’s fans something back. Hard work and winning games is the offering of thanks Team India should be giving back to the millions and millions of Indian fans in India and overseas. Come on Team India – the fans deserve this from you.


    April 13, 2007 at 7:53 pm

  3. I agree with both of you Bikash and Zadish. The Indian team has been revamped slightly after their ignonimous exit from the world cup. The BCCI has acted tough by cutting down the endorsements etc,

    Rolling the head of the coach or captain has thankfully not been the top of the agenda item for BCCI though Greg Chapell himself chose to move on tired of working with the non performing boys!

    Team India will surely have a jinx everytime they play Bangladesh! 🙂 similar to how they play against Sri Lanka! You know statistics show that we perform miserably against SL everytime we play them in a World Cup match!

    Naveen Athresh

    April 13, 2007 at 9:28 pm

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