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Automobile talk show –The Honda City — review#1

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Let us start with the car I used to own once upon a time (till last week).

The road taken with the Honda City

Honda engine – to put it in one word, flawless. Pick-up is awesome. We have tested it to close to 160 kmph or 100 mph and have revved it upto 6000 rpm at high speeds.

The Honda engine's performance - observe the RPM meter and the speed

The Honda pick-up – Exemplary. You can touch 0-60 kmph in less than 6 seconds.

The gear-shift – smooth.

The overdrive – 5th gear.

The stability – awesome – even at speeds of 140 kmph, the car does not twitch. However, the split side is that one needs to be careful about the power steering as it does not tighten as it should at higher speeds to give better maneuverability to the driver.

The chassis – I have a complaint here. The chassis is extremely low. It touches every speed bump we have on Indian roads. Not at all designed for Indian roads. A negative.

The interiors – spacious at the front. Cramped at the back. The dashboard is very plain looking. The gear shift lever is conveniently positioned at the driver’s hand level and the stick shift is quite slick. The downside to the comfort factor are the seats – they are really of archaic design (2001 era) and the seats do not slot into a comfortable position at all – this used to always give me terrible backaches. Not ergnomically designed. Another negative. There are no slots for placing cups etc. there are quite a few redundant entries not of importance that occupy real estate on the front dash. The lighting on the dash is extremely plain and gives it a street car look. The dash has a slice of polished wood to pep it up slightly. The mirrors are auto adjustible. The power windows have a driver lock mechanism. The rear window defogger works well from the driver slot. The rear boot opening switch is located near the driver’s seat and so is the front bonnet switch. The fuel cap switch is located in close proximity to the driver’s reach. We had a Pioneer fully packed stereo system with tweeters, woofer etc. installed.

The rear boot – spacious. Enough for 10 of my size to sit inside it comfortably! 🙂 Its really good.

The looks – this is where the Honda beats all its competitors in the C segment hands down! It is a marvel and a timeless beauty. Don’t believe me – see the picture to see for yourself!

The looks - a pure stunner and a headturner - Sapphire Silver glistening in the bright sunlight

The rear end of the 2001 Honda City

The mileage – another classic Honda act – my car used to give me 14 km to a liter effortlessly within city conditions with AC on 90% of the time. In other words, an extremely fuel efficient car!

Overall, my Honda City scored this on my assessment chart:

Powertrain – 9/10

Stamping – 7/10

Assembly – 7/10

Interiors – 7/10

Comfort – 8/10 for passengers, 6/10 for the driver/chaaffeur

Looks – 9.5/10

Feedback/comments/suggestions welcome!


Written by Naveen Athresh

April 4, 2007 at 1:01 pm

Posted in Automobiles

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