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How to sell anything to anybody – book review

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This is a book written by the world’s greatest salesman who sold close to 13001 Chevrolet cars in his career and has been recognized by the Guiness book of world records as the world’s greatest salesperson –

The book can be located here:

Joe Girard’s book is vintage Jack Welch type of a book – no frills and straight talk. Since I am like them in terms of behavior and direct talk, I synced immediately. The book is all common sense and yet so meticulous and you wonder why you did not think of ‘selling’ like that before!

Joe is also an acclaimed motivational speaker –

Some of his concepts such as ‘birddogs’ and the 250 people connected to 1 individual are extremely true as I find from my own experience in dealing with people.

This book is a must read and receives 4 stars out of 5! For all those salespeople out there, cheers to you and we need to learn something from the legendary Joe Girard!

While his book was released in 1977, the concepts are still very much applicable to the modern present day framework!


Written by Naveen Athresh

May 11, 2007 at 10:30 pm

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