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Management of apartment complexes

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Management of apartment complexes in Bangalore city doesn’t come easy. You have a myriad factors to take care of and an association is imperative.

A corpus fund is usually left by the builder once the handover is made to the association formed by the residents of the apartments.

Expensing is usually fixed cost per unit (in this case, per apartment unit or a ‘flat’). This includes expensing for units based on electricity, water charges, monthly salaries to be paid to the support service staff, annual AMC for the ameneties such as lifts, monthly cleaning of the common areas such as corridors, pathways, aisles etc., water proofing of leaking areas etc.

Other ‘once in 2 years’ kind of activities include things such as paint jobs that are usually calculated by people like Asian paints etc. on a per sq. ft. basis.

To summarize, common maintenance items taken care of by the apartment association include things like:

1. Monthly maintenance charges (a fixed sum – say Rs 2000 per month or so)

2. Water treatment plants

3. Sump/borewell

4. Common areas for recreation such as gymnasium, children’s park, swimming pool etc.

5. Handling difficult owners/tenants and people who violate the bylaws/charter and code of conduct formulated by the association

6. Handling difficult issues such as approach roads, maintenance of parks, entry/exit points, basement, scheduled paint job for the entire building, taking care of rain affected roofs/walls/leaks/interfacing with the local civic authorities etc.

Obviously, for all of above, the association formed must be a legally formed entity under the societies act of the specific state (in this case, the state of Karnataka)

All of the above require the management committee to have sound management skills and good verbal communication skills.

The apartment complexes in Bangalore city and even Chennai city are on the rise. With this, as with corporates, there would exist a sound management layer to manage the activities as typically owners do not like taking personal interest in this ‘additional burden’ as they would like to call it. You often have to coerce people into taking up this assignment which works out counter productive as they do not have the necessary will to perform and deliver for lack of incentives.

Some suggestions here include:

1. Offering incentives to the association members/office bearers to undertake these activities to be paid out of the association fund kitty. This must be high enough to attract people into taking up these part-time yet time consuming assignments.

2. Offering a recognition service to owners to attend association meets (quarterly or six-monthly) and also AGM’s (typically attendance of the apartment owners to such meets is almost a small percentage of the total # of owners who own units in that complex – typically less than 20%) to motivate people into attending such meets.


Written by Naveen Athresh

September 2, 2007 at 5:41 pm

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