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Lalunomics on Globonomics!

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Indian Railways
Source: Wiki

This has been the single biggest turnaround in recent days of the Indian PSU sector! Indian Railways making a cash surplus (before dividend) of Rs. 25000 crore for 2007-2008 with an operating ratio of 76%. Not just this, his budget speech for 2008-2009 was topped with creamy teasings for the middle class which is his biggest target audience for the railways. Furthermore, he is famous for making sure food is served piping hot and fresh and with various combinations of less oil etc. – a luxury that the erstwhile Rajdhani’s and Shatabdhi’s would enjoy earlier – to every train.

More of his exotics can be found here as I will not rhetorically repeat the Indian Railway budget for 2008-2009.

Lalu is truly going global with Harvard doing a case on him (their socialogy department) and his “milk the cow otherwise it will fall sick” method of milking and loading the axle loads and reducing turnaround times and enhancing productivity of the IR as also playing with volumes has worked wonders!

Who can forget him sending late comers back home in front of Railway Bhavan a few years ago!

He maybe a script for a comic chapter in India’s rich political history but to me, he is a man who means business – his rustic fashion notwithstanding!


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