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Another delay in the Devanahalli International airport opening!

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It looks like even without a formal Government, the administration in Karnataka is equally laggard when it comes to taking quick decisions.

This airport project has again been delayed by another 1-month (the earlier date given was end of March 2008). Moreover, there has been enough hue and cry on whether to keep the HAL airport catering to needs of domestic travel since the Devanahalli International airport is not yet well connected from the city center with the typical delays that are entrenced in any Indian social sector project. I wonder why our bureaucrats and politicians cannot first think of the public and consumers instead of themselves and how they can make more money the corrupt way. All of them want to fill their coffers with corruption reaching new heights every day – this is by far, the biggest problem that is impeding India’s growth story today. Stop this evil and you will automatically get double-digit GDP growth – Mr. PC (our esteemed FM) – if you are listening!

A typical trip from city center to the airport located 40 kms from the city center takes over 2.5 hours one-way. This is more than the combined time taken to fly from Bangalore to Chennai including all airport clearance formalities! Why would anyone in the public be quiet with such a lousy arrangement? Moreover, the city administration has not done enough to satiate the needs of the airport promoters who are looking at this as a purely financial project for them where they are looking at a break-even in a few years time – to make up their project costs – which will obviously get delayed if both the HAL airport and the Devanahalli airport remain operational. I read somewhere that the HAL airport will lose close to 500 crore rupees per year if they stop operations there. This is exactly the amount which serves as opportunity cost for the Devanahalli airport if it allows both the HAL and itself to function with HAL catering to needs of domestic passengers and Devanahalli catering to the needs of the International traveller! Well, in all, whether they get affected or not is one part, the one who, as always, will get affected, is the hapless consumer who will have to wade though incessant traffic snarls to reach her destination – not the intended destination – but the destination of reaching the starting point of their journey i.e. Devanahalli airport!

I also read that land prices there in Devanahalli might crash as the connectivity is so pathetic thus far. Only time will tell if this will work wonders or turn out into a damp squib!


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  1. well mate, u seem pretty surprised!!

    U may want to check this out:


    March 16, 2008 at 4:32 pm

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