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A re-look at consulting

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I did some look n feel changes to my blog appearance because I was tired of the old design. I also changed the tagline from “The economic rationale of the 21st century” to “Consulting|Technology|International business” as this is what we want this blog to serve in future posts.

The mission/vision of any initiative – whether it is a firm or an information product such as a weblog has to have a defined objective. In this case, the myriad topics I touched upon started becoming too many and I found a definite need to narrow it down to focus on more relevant topics. In this journey thus far, we have touched upon every topic that touches our everyday life while at the same time ensuring that the replica’s of a daily newspaper are not brought to this blogroll. It is with this in mind that I did not comment on the freakish Bush-o-nomics comments on India and China causing problems in worldwide food production.

I want to narrow my future posts to only these three in keeping with this mission.

My vision for this blog is to help it reach the mass audience that serves not just as “another wordpress log” but as an information medium where people get an analytical perspective of things with hardcore number driven facts and figures but as my readers would agree, I hardly do this right now.

I started my blog with that objective but have clearly steered away in the last 1+ year so I need to take stock of the current situation and be more careful about my posts.

This is introspection I would call “constructive feedback” from my own self when I found myself trying to be everywhere on the posts and that kind of was diluting the brand value of this blog so hence the need to self-correct.


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