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Hooked onto wireless and to my DELL Vostro 1200 notebook

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I was never a firm believer in notebooks till I bought this DELL mini. The amount of deliberations I made and the thought process that went into analyzing the investment of about half a lac on this utility item would have driven most of the people around me crazy! And, that is not even my usual nature – I am a spontaneous decision maker – if everything about a cost-benefit analysis looks good, I don’t think much but this was different.

Its not that I am a notebook hater or anything, its just that I was comfortable with regular desktops all my career and before (I have been exposed to computers since 1988 at Bombay when my father had bought our first PC-XT). For those of you who follow my blog since the beginning, you would recollect that I bought a huge 19″ widescreen Vostro that was imported from Malaysia since the Madras factory was not operational.

I feel that unless one is of high mobility, a notebook does not make much sense. To be frank, the only reason I had to go in for this mini (note the word carefully) was because I spend 5 hours daily traveling. I thought of putting this time to better use by reading something hence the need.

But, I must admit that this time my experience with a notebook has been different. I had blogged on my personal IIFT EMIB blog about 3 years ago on my DELL Inspiron 6000 purchase from Texas but I hardly used it. It was a huge 17″ notebook that was simply too big to carry – I bought it because I got a huge discount for it then and because we had to travel to Delhi every trimester etc. – also most notes etc. were being stored on it to study at the classroom etc.

My family would criticize me that I would hardly spend time with them since I spent most of my time at home in front of my desktop in my room and hence was cut-off.

With this DELL and the powerful Wireless access, I can now access my notebook from anywhere.


Written by Naveen Athresh

May 18, 2008 at 7:35 pm

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  1. kinda having the same prob like you, i couldn’t leave my desktop. although my family never complain, i feel bad.

    so here i am buying a mini notebook. it solve my problem =)


    June 14, 2008 at 9:22 pm

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