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123 agreement almost done

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The last few days have been straight out of the political rulebook with every politician worth his/her salt coming up with their own antiques!

We witnessed a stage when Manmohan Singh did not even have the gumption to visit the G8 summit at Japan. He was about to hang up his boots and call it a day. We saw allegations against Chidu being thrown up by other politicians.

We finally saw Dr. Manmohan Singh do a classic non-Manmohan act by not just snubbing the Left firmly but also putting his best foot forward to visit the G8 meet at Japan!

We saw the left swing from left to right and to the center but finally coming to rest in its original position – the left! We saw new allies emerge for the stricken Manmohan Government in the form of the SP’s Amar Singh (who really achieved phenomenal political mileage in last few weeks) and even Deve Gowda choosing to support the nuclear deal!

I believe Nuclear energy is not a luxury for this nation of 1.5 billion people but an absolute necessity. We are grappling with our social problems and the social cost-benefit of this deal far outweighs its risks. We may have the IAEA safeguards etc. and scrutiny etc. but I still feel the time had come for other more efficient forms of energy in this country to fulfil its domestic demand. Yes, the USA has its corporate sector gunning for this deal since it opens up a trillion $ market for them (the likes of GE etc. who barely sell nuclear reactors in their home country). If you need proof, read up Jack Welch’s autobiography for the # of nuclear reactors sold by GE in the USA in the 80’s. has the agreement draft to be signed by India which is an AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND THE INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY FOR THE APPLICATION OF SAFEGUARDS TO CIVILIAN NUCLEAR FACILITIES.

I support the 123 agreement and hope it achieves its objective in meeting the emergy demands of this energy depleted country – India.


Written by Naveen Athresh

July 10, 2008 at 2:40 pm

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