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The Indian IT products industry – taking baby steps

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There were a couple of articles on IT products versus IT Services in India some days back. It spoke of products businesses in India as a small percentage of the growing # of IT services companies that have sprung up everywhere.

This article was on Mint ( but I was not impressed with the quality of their article. They simply failed to include real facts and figures. They had some obscure numbers and some text and one thing I could make out was that they failed to do proper research on that article and it was something they did in a hurry.

Here is what I would have liked: Make sure they power pack it with the facts and figures and ensure that their article added genuine value than just including the handful of Indian companies such as Finacle of Infosys, TCS’ products and some one or two companies like IFlex etc.

One thing I have seen is that you need a different psyche to get into IT products. You need a firm knowledge of IP, a firm knowledge of attention to detail and quality, a firm committment to innovate at all times and a firm hold on competition. Cracking blue oceans is not easy but creating this market is what it will take for Indian IT product companies to really make inroads into this competitive landscape.


Written by Naveen Athresh

August 15, 2008 at 11:49 am

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