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Switching costs/bought a HP deskjet F2120 – Black

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My new HP F2120 3-in-1 printer

My old printer had packed up. The printer companies such as HP anyway make their money on recurring revenues from selling cartridges and they therefore sell the base printer for a low cost.

Think about this: The cost of printers such as the one I bought is as low as Rs. 3900 and the cost of a black and white and color cartridge for the same is almost Rs. 1500 each time the printer needs fuel i.e. cartridge! The cost of repair on my old printer (that had burnt off some weeks ago) was almost going to come up to the cost of replacing it (this is a classic problem in switching – is the cost-benefit of getting the older one repaired lower or the cost-benefit of replacing it better?)

Here are some pictures I took of my new gadget! I can start a gadget factory at the current rate I am buying them!

Frontal view of the HP 3-in-1 printer

Frontal view of the HP 3-in-1 printer


Written by Naveen Athresh

September 4, 2008 at 8:23 pm

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