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Holidaying at the beach/iPhone GPS in action

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At one of the beaches at the Bay of Bengal - Sept 2008

At one of the beaches at the Bay of Bengal - Sept 2008

I just felt I needed a badly needed break so I decided to travel to Chennai (for the beach) last weekend. The iPhone was really in action on Chennai roads with it guiding me all along in my taxi and the GPS worked great as well.

I went to both the Marina beach and the Santhanam beach (due to the hot sultry weather, we did not go into the water at Marina but did get into the water at the Santhanam beach for the smaller length we had to traverse at the Santhanam beach due to the heat – at Marina, you need to walk almost 300 meters inside on the hot sand to reach the water).

As usual, we ended up covering almost 850 kms in less than 36 hours but the roads in Tamil Nadu are beautiful especially the NH 7 and NH 46 which have almost 5-6 toll gates that is controlled by the NHAI built on the BoT (Build-operate-transfer) model. The toll tax varies from Rs. 25 at some gates to almost Rs. 60 at other gates but its worth it. The only sour point is that these highways have absolutely zilch hotels to grab a quick bite on the way so make it a point to carry enough eatables for the journey else you are going to stay hungry for at least 6-8 hours on the journey one-way! Reasons for this are strange – one could be that because of the toll roads, most vehicular traffic tends to take the other Old Madras road approach to Chennai and East coast of India due to which the hoteliers tend to think that their RoI (return on investment) might not be up to the mark due to lesser traffic and hence lesser demand for their hotels/eateries.

It was fun and a badly needed break from my hectic routine of the last 1 year!


Written by Naveen Athresh

September 14, 2008 at 10:53 am

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