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MacBook and me

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I have been completely taken up with the Apple hype but its for a reason.

While being realistic helps, I realized I needed an OS that combines the best functions of my favorite operating system of all, UNIX, with the best user interface. Where else do I need to look other than at Apple? With their Leopard OS released last year, I feel its time I take a plunge into the Mac and add one more to my gadget list (of course, at the expense of my DELL 12″ notebook – I would be swapping one for the other).

Its about getting to terms with a growing market that simply cannot be ignored. While their power and simplicity screams from rooftops, I also can use this platform to brush up on some Cocoa skills.

I am thinking of going in for a 13″ white MacBook in exchange for my 12″ DELL notebook purchased earlier this year. I am not looking for frills like the unibody enclosure etc. – the boxy white polycarbonate body of the MacBook would do just fine with the 2.4 GHz 2 GB RAM and 160 GB HDD with Intel Core2 Duo.

Most of it is similar to my DELL configuration. The advantage here is simply that I have my UNIX powered Mac OSX (Leopard) and can also run Windows on the same box while the same is not possible as vice versa on my DELL PC.

Its not really about Mac versus PC nor is this article about switching. Its about my personal preferences. I began my career at TCS in UNIX in 1999/2000. I did not even know how to operate Windows 98 or Windows NT then. I had some exposure to using Windows while at CASSA in 1998 but it was minimal. I used to work on HP-UX and Compaq Tru-64 UNIX/SCO UNIXWARE 7/Sun Solaris systems with nothing more than a dumb terminal in front of me. I logically feel its time for me to progress and build on what I started with – my love for UNIX encapsulated in the form of a beautiful piece of art – the Macintosh!


Written by Naveen Athresh

November 7, 2008 at 3:18 pm

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