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Cocoa – application environment for the Mac OS X

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I have established a firm resolve to do what I did not do last year – learn Cocoa.

While I speak to so many from the Mac community over last 1 year, I did not do enough earlier. I need to learn this technology (Cocoa is taken in the same breath as its peers – Carbon or Java) with its rich object oriented approach. I saw a lot of Steve Jobs presentations over the last few months ever since I bought my iPhone in August 2008. Now that I have my own MacBook, I can do what I want on the Mac operating platform at home!

The advantage of his presentations are that they are almost like a precursor behind the logic that went into developing these platforms ex: though it has a lot of marketing talk, they are invaluable for the insight into the framework that led to the development of these environments such as the OS X or the iPhone platform or even the manufacturing of the unibody enclosure of the new MacBook series!

I don’t even have to buy books – if I goto the developer site on Apple, I have access to tons of Apple material on how to go about programming in Cocoa. Given my rich fundamentals in C and object oriented programming over the last decade, this should be interesting.

Apple is becoming a force to reckon with – it had almost 20% market share in the notebook market in 2008 and the Mac OS X is witnessing a lot of switching users from Windows operating platform over last few years. Their GUI is just out of the world and the power that comes with the Max OS X is the power of UNIX!


Written by Naveen Athresh

November 9, 2008 at 9:23 am

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