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Google search / how do they do it?

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It’s not so easy. I was watching a lot of training sessions to understand how they do their search so efficiently and effectively.

It turns out, there is quite a logic that runs at the backend and none of it is fluke. They hire PhD’s to do stuff and even here, they try to understand the context of the user’s abstract search query in real world terms and usage and application. ex: a simple “Dr.” can be used in multiple contexts. One could be the real doctor. Or it could be “Drive” that form a part of some US addresses. Or it could be “denominator”. Or it could be “Dr.” and coupled with its other search terms. The permutations and combinations are just mind boggling and yet Google almost always gets it right – doesn’t it? HOW DO THEY DO IT? 

It is only after their built-in artificial intelligence kicks in to give users’ not just a sorted relevant search result list but one that makes sense to them as well. This is no easy ask and hats off to the folks at Google for getting this right.

I listened to a lot of presentations and keynotes from:

Marissa Mayer
Vice President, Search Products & User Experience

who is a workoholic and most of her presentations gave me a new dimension to understand GUI, usability and user experience.

Google truly is a world-class company and I have blogged about them about an year and a half ago as well on the book – The Google story which I found enthralling as well.


Written by Naveen Athresh

December 11, 2008 at 1:57 pm

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