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My iPhone went down the drain, literally!

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A freak incident. Freakonomics on Globonomics! Dry humor indeed! And sarcastic on my own self too! But, what the heck, I lost a gadget piece I loved.

Well, for the better part of the last half a day, I was running from pillar to post. Let me explain what happened.

I was trying to do some errand service and ended up forgetting my wallet. I therefore went back home to pick it up. I decided to park the car near the building entrance and this is where the trouble began. First I parked my car next to a storm water small drain that runs along the parking lot near my building and as I was getting out of the car seat, the iPhone cover fell from my lap and onto this drain cover that has spacings of only 1 inch width. To my bad luck, the iPhone’s very USP; its size; went against me as it just went straight through and went right into the drain! Think about this: What is the probability of a thin less than 1/4th inch iPhone go down straight and fall out of its intended cover with a magnetic latch? Possibly 1 in a 1000. But it happened. I could not even believe what I was seeing unravel in front of my eyes. Here I was trying to cut costs on my phone bill every month so I could save for the high initial cost of my iPhone and here it was going down the drain in front of my own eyes. Life could not have been more ironical. Immediately, my building gardener who was closeby asked me what was wrong. I said, my iPhone fell into the drain. He immediately got the security guard and lifted that cover and picked up the iPhone (the water there was standing water but clean one that is the outlet of plants watered etc.).

The iPhone  display was hazy and the missed calls I saw gave me an initial glimmer of hope. I immediately rushed back home and went to the files to look for the iPhone bill as I thought it would help in the warranty but deep down I knew that iPhone warranty does NOT cover damage caused by water as it completely wrecks the phone. I had seen it before and was hoping I saw it wrong. I took a hair dryer and dried the iPhone and the iPod connector slot but it slowly dimmed and alternated in lights; it had remained submerged in the water for almost 3-4 minutes and I knew it was a losing battle to revive that phone unless a miracle happened.

The hazards of compulsive gadgets was showing up on my face. I started rummaging through my files and got hold of the bill and jumped into the car and went to Airtel showroom some 10 kms away.

The guys there knew little and I instantly knew this was almost a goner. Their support’s pretty pathetic. They said they would try to speak to Apple but I have little hope on this one.

Apple – here’s some feedback. While I know you make expensive products and good ones that customers use, you need to improve your customer support directly without delegating that to your service providers. Airtel did not even know what features the iPhone had when I bought it and I was only 1 among some 4000 all over India who even had the audacity to buy an iPhone at such a high price point. Yet, when I needed help, no one came to my rescue on this phone. A serious negative for a company that likes to pay attention to detail. DELL beats you hollow here. I have had issues with my DELL desktop before and they have fixed it – presto! Tear a leaf out of DELL’s book.

So, again, in exactly three and a half months, I lost a very costly gadget. I had saved about 6000 Rs. on my phone bills so it made my cost of the iPhone lesser at about Rs. 30K to me as cost but a far cry from what  I intended to save on it.

I was very attached to this particular phone. It had become a part of me. And it tore me to see it literally go down the drain.

I guess, man proposes, god disposes. Again, literally. But, to end this note on a positive thought, God does everything for the best. Maybe something better is in store.

Thanks Apple. Either way, you made me a cult fan thanks to this iPhone and I won’t forget that! 

I will take another few weeks to get over this loss of my iPhone but will remember my attachment to this wonderful gadget that I kept with me for 20/24 hours a day and used it to its maximum!


Written by Naveen Athresh

December 13, 2008 at 10:01 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Oh what a pity. I had a disaster with my iphone too. My cousin’s son dropped it and it developed a crack. Apple doesn’t even support the broken iphone glass (for 2g phone). Now the phone is also locked. It has almost turned in to my cordless phone 😦

    Nagendra HK

    Nagendra HK

    January 8, 2009 at 2:58 pm

  2. Thank you for best information.

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    June 23, 2009 at 7:33 pm

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