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BlackBerry Bold

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I wanted to prove that I cannot be cowed down just because life behaves unfair in making me lose my iPhone in a very freakish incident.

I had done sufficient research on the Blackberry Bold for the last few days and decided that it has the real stuff. Not the frills such as the cute GUI of the iPhone. The stuff here works. ex: Email is simply so powerful , I have a dedicated account on and through that by push technology all my emails come on over to my device the minute it is dispatched. The Blackberry is really the undisputed king when it comes to PUSH email technology.

The GPS system here coupled with the wayfinder technology works. Again, it’s not like the half baked stuff you see on Google Maps and things like Google Street view that we cannot even use on the iPhone in India (I wrote about it on my iPhone 2.2 update post some weeks back). The GPS on the iPhone is eye candy, the one on the Blackberry is the real stuff that we can put to use for the Wayfinder navigator powered by I saw an interview of the CEO of which has tied up with Wayfinder in India in an exclusive contract and Wayfinder, in turn, with Airtel. This service is free for now for the Blackberry.

The browser is the Blackberry’s achilles heel but it will pass. It’s not so bad either. Its ok. Ringtones and basic phone functions on the iPhone were pretty average but it’s been really rich on features on the Blackberry making it another hallmark of a business class mobile device.

iPhone only had support for Google talk, the Blackberry Bold supports MSN chat, Google chat and Yahoo chat!

The “plastic little keyboard” on the Blackberry Bold is really awesome. You feel you are using a real device unlike on the iPhone where one felt the virtual keyboards to be really cumbersome for use.

Copy/paste and stuff works here. I can finally edit my office documents while on the move. I had a bad experience here with my iPhone last Friday when I had to send out something while on the move and could not because it did not support this basic function – copy/paste!

Reviews of the Blackberry Bold have all been on the positive side – I saw almost 20-30 of them in last 2-3 days.

I lost my expensive iPhone to a faulty cover (ironically something I bought from an iStore and something which was supposedly made in Malaysia and imported to India) whose job was to protect the phone.

I therefore decided that the first thing I will do for my Blackberry is to buy a solid hard case and went for the best in town: The defender series from Otterbox had some really good reviews worldwide and was not yet available in India – It may not protect it from extensive water but will hopefully, protect it from harms way in the years to come! It cost me $72 including international shipping. Let’s hope there is no duty.

My Blackberry Bold – I pray to god that you service my mobile needs well in the years to come!


Written by Naveen Athresh

December 16, 2008 at 3:17 pm

Posted in Gadgets

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  1. I can’t believe 1 year has flown by since I became a proud user of a BlackBerry handheld!

    IF I look back at my experience with my BlackBerry, it’s been nothing short of breathtaking. Yes, it’s increased my workload as I have got addicted to it, but then it’s had it’s advantages of keeping me in touch with my workplace even on weekends and while I commute up and down.

    I also got to attend a lot of technical conferences in last 1-year with my BlackBerry playing a loyal companion to me including some CEO level events!


    Naveen Athresh

    December 16, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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