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Bought this new SONY BRAVIA from the SONY WORLD showroom today morning. This is what it looks like:

Image courtesy: SONY Corporation (

Image courtesy: SONY Corporation (

This particular model is made in Malaysia (same as my DELL Vostro desktop) and imported in January 2009. It is imported by SONY India.

The carton looked something like this:

Unboxed carton of my BRAVIA

Unboxed carton of my BRAVIA

I presented this LCD to my father. I have been researching the purchase of an LCD TV for the past 1 year now and deliberated a lot on various models (what is HD and what is not). Usually, a 32″ HDTV also would not be as optimum as a 42″ or above to realize the full benefits of HD. But, what we did is to ensure we got a Cisco set top box provided by our cable service provider so signal strength is enhanced and the TV’s built-in DSP’s kick in to provide the necessary upscaling as not too many channels are HD anyway -

Despite the channels not being HD, it still is pretty amazing!

Since viewing distance in the hall for the entertainment center is only about 10 feet, a 32″ made perfect sense. I am not too much of a fan for wall mounting an LCD as it gives me the impression of some hotel reception lobby or a car showroom waiting room where they wall mount LCD TV’s! Of course, this is only my personal viewpoint and opinions can vary!

This is how the display looks like (don’t expect too much of pixel resolution – it is taken off my Blackberry with a simple 2 MP camera!):

The A1 GP as seen on my SONY BRAVIA

The A1 GP as seen on my SONY BRAVIA

I am glad I got this at an affordable price point and I even compared this with other competitors in this segment (the Samsung series 6 was top of the mind recall). However, my BRAVIA came in at a lower price point than even the Samsung series 6!

It comes with 4 free servicing options should there be any issues and a 1 year statutory warranty by SONY Corp.

Price point

SONY BRAVIA W series pricing has been drastically cut from Rs. 62900 before Jan 2009 to Rs. 52900 post Jan 2009. This is actually what made me jump at this offer. While I understand there is scope for further price reduction, I don’t believe SONY can go below the psychological Rs. 50K barrier for this model and I got it at as close a price point to that as possible!

This is because any sale below Rs. 50K starts eating into their per unit profits as the selling price becomes comparable with their inputs costs – since you also need to factor in the fact that these BRAVIA units are not manufactured or assembled in India unlike SONY’s counterparts (Samsung, LG etc.). SONY BRAVIA units are directly imported and any import involves a substantial import duty that is levied on the importers i.e. SONY India from the SONY OEM facility (Malaysia).

What it cost me

My older TV was in a pretty good condition. I therefore sold my older 8 year old BPL color TV for a healthy Rs. 2.5K. This made me make up some of my cost incurred on my BRAVIA.

Therefore, it cost me Rs. 49.5K in all to replace my old TV with a brand new SONY BRAVIA! Sounds like a good deal – given it was not even a month ago that price of this very BRAVIA was Rs. 62.9K!

Welcome to the world of LCD HDTV’s!


Written by Naveen Athresh

February 22, 2009 at 6:43 pm

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  1. Samsung LN52A650
    WOW, what a picture!!! This TV rocks! I researched for several months to find “THE” TV, and I finally bit the bullet and bought it in January. I went from a 52″ Sony Projection to this remarkable LCD… I’m telling you, it’s like going from a Ford Pinto to a Bentley… I went to the big box stores to compare pictures, and I could easily tell that this one was the best of them all (size, price, etc.). I think it says a lot that the price has not gone down since I purchased 4 months ago. I will agree with some reviews that the sound is lacking, however, it’s not enough to keep me from regretting the purchase of this TV.. I use a home theater system anyway. Amazon was easy to purchase from and delivery was much faster than I was initially told. You WILL NOT be disappointed with this TV! Cannot wait to watch Ole Miss in HD this football season! GO REBS!


    May 22, 2009 at 8:30 am

  2. cool article i like it. thank you

    samsung ln52a650 review

    June 20, 2009 at 2:43 pm

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