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Netbooks – the next generation of mini notebooks!

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I was researching netbooks almost an year ago when it was practically an ‘unheard of’ market. The only players then of significance were HP and Asus EeePC. I had even called E-Zone and visited Staples (Staples has tied up with the Future group and runs a retail chain in India since 1+ years – their first in India – then and tried to see if I could go in for it but decided against a 8″ netbook with an Intel Atom processor when I could get a mini DELL notebook or a Compaq Presario notebook of 12″ for about Rs. 15K more and with 120 GB hard disc and power and speed.

Also, I remember distinctly that the netbooks of those days would have this review of heating up quite quickly and given how small they were, the keyboard layout was critical.Well, it looks like my interest then was not without reason because this year, SONY, DELL, HP and all other leading players are jumping into this hot netbook market and Intel has even predicted higher than expected sales for their Atom processors that powers these netbooks.

One such is the SONY VAIO that has been advertising quite heavily in India in the last 1-month. Here are the product features:

Here are some images of how it looks:

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Image courtesy:


Written by Naveen Athresh

February 25, 2009 at 2:58 pm

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