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Seventymm – India’s answer to NetFlix/Slumdog millionnaire/F1 update

leave a comment » is India’s answer to NetFlix.

I have been using this service for an initial subscription of Rs. 849 unlimited for 1 DVD per day for 3 months and so far, my experience has been very good. The DVD quality has been excellent and their pick-up/drop is a hassle-free experience for us.

We are putting our DVD player to maximum use with an average of 5 movies in 5 days! In just a week we saw the following:

1. Musanje Maathu (Kannada)

2. Sarkar Raj (Hindi)

3. Chitti Chitti Bang Bang (English)

4. Dostana (Hindi)

5. Slumdog Millionnaire (English)

The SD quality output is excellent and the DVD player with it’s HDMI inputs is just awesome – an experience you want to savour on the SONY Bravia.

Basically, on my home entertainment center, it’s a SONY DVD player powering a DVD shown on a SONY BRAVIA Full HDTV with HDMI inputs playing on a home theater system powered by SONY 2600W speakers! It’s a SONY triple whammy!

I loved Slumdog Millionnaire and it is based on the Kaun Banega Crorepati and I think the movie is extremely well done. Danny Boyle has done a great job of connecting the dots and linking it to how the young boy (Jamaal) gets to win the bumper prize on this. It does not cast India in any bad light and in fact is just bringing out what happens in real life – you need not be ashamed about this – this is reality. For those who did not like this film – people – it’s time to face reality! That is all I can say to them. Can you believe that this was the first movie Barack Obama saw in the White house and loved it?

By the way, a quick update on F1 because a lot of unique and unusual things are happening there over the last few weeks:

I just completed watching my Formula 1 British GP 2009 which supposedly is the last British GP in the next few years because of commercial reasons. First of all, the future of F1 itself is in doubt so where is the question of cribbing about the future of the British GP?!

Max Mosley – the boss of the FIA – the organization that is the commercial rights sponsor of F1 alongwith Bernie Eccelstone are at loggerheads with the FOTA (Formula 1 teams association) that comprises of 8 out of the 10 F1 teams (barring Williams F1 and Force India that have unconditionally signed up for the F1 2010 season).

The FOTA have announced the formation of a rival championship from 2010. It’s to be seen how their interests act cohesively and for how long. After all, the American CART series did not survive a breakaway series and merged 12 years later and managing the commercial interests of the sport is not going to be easy. Let’s see. It’s going to a game of politics for the next few months till this high drama prevails.

What is happening is sad for us (people watching F1 since decades!) and hope the sports true glory prevails and common sense prevails on the part of the organizers of this sport. After Michael Schumacher, it has only been Fernando Alonso who has been a true superstar in this sport and now just emerging are Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button. I hope this sportsmanship prevails over gamesmanship.


Written by Naveen Athresh

June 21, 2009 at 7:21 pm

Posted in Automobiles, Bollywood, F1

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