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Barnes and Noble nook

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The nook - Barnes and Noble e-book reader

The nook - Barnes and Noble e-book reader

nook - Barnes and Noble e-book reader


Just read on the launch of the awaited Barnes and Noble e-book reader. This is touted as the closest in competition to the kindle2 with similar features and characteristics including the e-ink technology but the B&N reader also comes with some snappy features such as LendMe (TM) technology and the ability to use a touchscreen at the bottom to get the coverflow. I looked up the reviews of this reader and it clearly has what it takes to take on the kindle2 though a lot of the reviewers claimed they had not got to feel the device yet.

Barnes and Noble - nook product launch - Source: B&N website

Barnes and Noble - nook product launch - Source: B&N website

This will enable B&N customers to surf the e-books while inside B&N stores in the USA and use Wi-Fi as also the regular 3G for book downloads. created a blue ocean 2 years ago when it entered the e-book reader market and now the others seem to be sprucing up their product offerings to compete with the kindle2. The other ones that sport touch interfaces are the Sony e-book reader (I had blogged about that product before as well). There are others in this space – Plasticlogic, Samsung etc.

This is a hot space to watch out for in the days/months to come.

I received information that my kindle2 has arrived at the destination (a US delivery address) of my close relative who would be coming over to India next week so will post a detailed review of the device/functionality once I start using it in a fortnight time.


Written by Naveen Athresh

October 22, 2009 at 9:28 am

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