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Zagg/Patagonia cover/case for my kindle2

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I had to take this decision to buy something worthwhile. The regular kindle2 case had mixed reviews, the Belkin’s case was also not great so I went for the Patagonia case.

The Zagg case is an invisible film for my kindle2 device.

I felt both of the above were necessary rather than luxuries because I don’t have a cover for my kindle2, the one I have is for the kindle DX and it’s too big for my kindle2 and does not offer adequate protection if it falls off.

Such usage is more common than what we think esp. after my last year’s (Dec 2008) experience with my iPhone showed. Moreover, the kindle is such a new device to foreign markets that no insurer in these markets insures the kindle2 even under it’s mobile device coverage (they understand a mobile, notebook/laptop but don’t understand an e-book reader!)

The cost is adding up though with both of these put together at about $120 in all but I am helpless. Moreover, in real terms I should not be cribbing as my kindle2 itself was a gift so these are only protections I am buying for that device!

Update: 18th November 2009
I received this package from Zagg which included the cover for the Kindle2 which is pretty neat overall though no matter what one does, some spots remain in trying to paste it onto the device. Guess, it’s the way it is.


Written by Naveen Athresh

November 2, 2009 at 3:48 pm

Posted in Gadgets

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