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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate / Snow Leopard

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I just got myself a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. Got to try it out. Some two months back, I got myself a copy of the latest Apple Snow Leopard and so far, my experience with it has been flawless. Leopard itself was pretty good so Snow Leopard basically did a lot of internal optimizations to make it even better.

The race is going to be who is better – Snow Leopard or Windows 7.

My previous copy was a bundled OEM pack of Windows Vista Ultimate that came with my DELL Vostro in August 2007. This one is a shrink wrapped product/boxed product and is priced differentially for Indian market. It cost about Rs. 11K in all with a free Reebok watch as a gift and the purchase itself was pretty effortless from

My MacBook on the other hand came with a pre-installed copy of Leopard when I picked it up in November 2008. Snow Leopard cost about Rs. 4.5K for a genuine copy and I bought it some months ago as soon as it was made available for the Indian market.

Both these are purely for personal use purposes but I prefer a hassle-free update experience for my Operating Systems – given the percentage of time I spend on my PC or Mac on a weekly basis is so high. The investment is therefore worth every Rupee I spend on it. The ROI will be multiples of that.


Written by Naveen Athresh

December 2, 2009 at 10:25 pm

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