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My blogging focus/EcoFin and it’s origin – note

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“Focus is key; everything else comes later.”

When I started out to form my peer networking group above that bears the same name as my blog – EcoFin, in November 2003, I had three very simple objectives that I believe I achieved with phenomenal success.

1. To leverage on the members’ strong/solid knowledgebase in the segments of economic/financial/accounting/consulting/stock markets/banking.
2. -To enhance the knowledgebase of its members’ using its own members’ intellectual prowess and harnessing on the collective knowledge of its members’ and truly enable free flow of ideas using the various media and in-person meets.
3. -To ensure globalization of group.

Now, I have added my interests in gadgets and automobiles to the above interests in EcoFin and have been blogging non-stop from the time the focus shifted from EcoFin as a peer-networking medium to a more personally managed blog entity since October 2006.

Moreover, I have increasingly started realizing that while I try to limit the focus of this  blog to Economics, Finance and Management topics, I am unable to do so; simply because there’s so much to blog about all those cool gadgets out there and I blog because blogging is my passion!

Obviously, one does not try to inhibit one’s passion so I will continue blogging on these topics on this one common medium.

I apologize to my readers if they felt things have strayed in last 1-2 years as they have. I understand that there have hardly been any topics of substance taken up for a healthy economics/finance debate and there is no proper follow-up from my side either on topics I say I will touch upon on these core items.

It’s not about trying to write about daily acitivities – that’s not true but simply that I am a gadget/automobile/IPR freak and instead of channeling it to some other alternate technology/automobile/IPR blog and maintaining four separate blogs as a result, I can concentrate content of all four (otherwise) separate blogs into one single entity and present it under proper categories under one blog with this main brand name retained – EcoFin. It took me a lot of effort back then in 2003 when I personally did a lot of brand marketing to my peers for EcoFin and I will call it (the EcoFin brand) a branding success – this was before my MBA so I used EcoFin as a selling point to gain admission to my IIFT EMIB course as well back then.

My EcoFin peers have sent me notes congratulating the deep diving we did back then and the kind of powerful network we built around EcoFin- it truly was a world class information brand with a deep mindshare among my peer circle and this blog stands as a by-product of that information product/platform created back then. All this is governed by Intellectual Property Rights.

I stand committed that the focus in this blog has to be on these items going forward:

1. Economics, Finance, Good Management topics worth a debate.

2. Technology blogging, gadgets.

3. Automobiles (reviews etc.) – this is out of pure interest in that sector and it will again be with an Economics edge similar to my IIFT project report on GM done in 2006 when it was modeled on the lines of Harbor Report and a proper Economics strategy for GM to turnaround and compete with it’s #1 competitor – Toyota.

4. Intellectual property analysis (IP) – as this is a topic close to me and I am doing law courses on the same.

I will try and limit this blog to encompass these four broad areas and that in turn makes it also look like a junior Economic times due to the diversity of topics chosen!


Written by Naveen Athresh

December 4, 2009 at 3:23 pm

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