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Rediff shopping online / my experience

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I had a terrible time shopping online with Rediff. I placed a fairly decent sized order on the Rediff Shop online about a month ago. I first of all never got a confirmation email of my order itself though the website said it had sent it (luckily I took a screenprint of the order itself and sent it to my email).

I know what you are thinking – I checked the spam folder as well. It was just not there. Ok, this is acceptable since emails could have got misplaced however, my woes did not end there. I never got a proper tracking # for my shipment but did get the ‘consignment number’. It said the courier would be “XYZ” but always said the status was “awaiting dispatch”.

I sent an email to Rediff customer support who said as per their shipping policy, it can take 7-10 working days or something to that effect from time of approval but this was a delay of almost 21-days so that is well above 7-10 working days (rediff themselves confirmed to me that my order had been delayed due to ‘unforseen cicrumstances’).

Instead of all this, the minute they sensed this delay, they should have just said they were unable to ship and reversed my order but it just hung there in abeyance.

As per their FAQ’s on their website, I finally called the shipper directly and asked them. They did not confirm anything and directed me back to Rediff. This was a fortnight ago.

Had I not followed-up I am pretty much sure, the order would have stayed in status quo and BTW, my cash was already encashed the day I placed my order.

I got perturbed and sent their customer support a lot of follow-up emails and called them as well and finally canceled my order about 8 days back – everytime, they said would check with their accounts department (rediff customer service phone #’s arn’t even listed on their website – try finding it there!).

Finally, about 2 days back, I had it and asked them to hurry up and reverse my charges for a canceled order. I finally got my charges reversed yesterday after peppering them with phone calls. Every email response I from their customer support post cancelation solicited some unconvincing response.

BTW, the order status page still shows it’s old status so it is not programmed to pickup the real time status – my USPS experience an year ago was similar with no proper tracking status update so rediff is not the only one I have had this experience.

These are basic things you expect from online shopping malls (that other players seem to do so effortlessly such as or even yet were absent in this rediff shopping experience.

I think when you are in the online shopping business, you have to place customer as king and be prompt – whatever be the case, even if you are unable to deliver, promptly issue a refund so customer does not feel neglected.

I have never had any issues in dealing with and have made umpteen purchases off in the last so many years and I have never been dissatisfied so far – touch wood! – you guys rock! – Don’t get me wrong. I have been a fond and an ardent follower of your news website since the last 8-9 years and really like the way you had organized your news section earlier. I also liked your news website content given you are a desi player giving almost realtime news.

It had established that mindshare to  default to rediff for news. Now, I stopped doing that as well because you changed the home page organization sometime back and it makes it difficult for me to read news from. Instead, I swtiched to for my news updates now for last so many months.

I expected a lot from you given this good experience I have had in past but you really dissapointed me with your lackluster service with rediff shopping from the time of placing the order to the time of delivery.

Suggestion: You have to work on these customer pain-point items to compete with the more established players such as and


Written by Naveen Athresh

December 9, 2009 at 12:45 pm

2 Responses

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