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Apple Tablet in the works?

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Is this really coming? There has been a lot of press generated around this prospective device for the last few months and especially in last few days when IDC came out with it’s predictions for 2010.

IDC predictions for 2010

I personally think the tablet is going to come, about a price point of $1000 but will not be a replacement for a kindle. The reason lies in the usability of the Tablet. The Tablet is possibly going to be LED or LCD not eInk, it will be color not gray like the eInk so the traditional display advantage the kindle offers cannot be taken away by the tablet. Size-wise, the Apple tablet is tipped to be about 10″. This is larger than the kindle2 6″.

Is the tablet really needed and does it have a market or is this just media hype? I think it’s more a media hype common to most Apple products but this one will possibly be touchscreen like the iPhone (multi-touch or capacitative touch screen) and a big slab of touchscreen aka the iPhone – doing all the things the computers, ebook readers and magazines/textbooks can do – in color; in 1-device – as Steve Jobs like to say it!

All this with the traditional surprises Apple throws when it launches new products. It will be something special; not just a tablet PC. I am sure of this. Point is, it will take everyone by surprise possibly including it’s design – the design itself might be radical and not something pictured hypothetically above. The functions will be built on Snow Leopard – I am sure but it will be overreaching and doing far more things than we think a Tablet is capable of.

This one is worth waiting and watching to see how it evolves in 2010!


Written by Naveen Athresh

December 10, 2009 at 2:18 pm

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