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Sony India service center – feedback

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This is a post on my experience with Sony’s service center located in Bangalore at Jayanagar.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being good, I would rate their service levels at an astounding 8/10.

As they say, the devil is in the details. Sony works with an almost optimally or understaffed team at their service unit at this place. It’s the only place Sony sends all it’s items listed in for service should they give problems.

Sony’s products are either under warranty where repair charges are free of cost or out of warranty. If it is out of warranty, they call and give you an estimate before commencing their work.

One area where I found them wanting is in the initial kickstart to get things in motion. They were given my DVD player which had packed up (but luckily under warranty – it’s problem was it was not recognizing inserted discs into the tray) and my 8-year old Sony VCD/tape deck player whose VCD tray had stopped functioning as also it’s tape decks (out of warranty). They kept quiet for almost 10 full days (I gave them my products on the 24th Dec 2009 and they started their procurement after getting my ok on my VCD player possibly immediately thereafter so no delays there but after that they kept quiet for 10-full days when it needed a pushing call from my end to them that got them to action) but I am sure my DVD player had a minor defect since I called them last Monday (3rd Jan 2010) and asked them to hurry up. Magically, they managed to resolve the problem by afternoon on the same day(!) and asked me to pickup my set in the evening.

My VCD player came back yesterday. They did charge for some expensive parts – as is common with most imported Japanese equipment, the repair cost is very exorbitant but I was told that VCD model is pretty good even by today’s standards so I might as well retain it.

But, here’s a hats-off to the Sony technicians. They are seasoned professionals having a lot of experience and multi-task effectively and get things done. The very fact that they were working on a Saturday evening laboring away to glory shows their ability to work hard and smart. I think they also are pretty good at JIT (just in time) systems. They don’t begin the work on their repair till they get the signoff from their client on the repair cost ok for the set. I have gone to them many times in last 5+ years for my Sony products and have never come back disappointed.

I salute those technicians at Sony service center! Their work is hard, their work is probably thankless but at the end of the day, they are the doctors we goto when our Sony products start acting up!


Written by Naveen Athresh

January 10, 2010 at 10:44 am

Posted in Gadgets

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