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Apple iPad / availability in India

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I go back to my rantings about how an iPad is not yet available in India ( currently ships only to US addresses).

iPhone sales here were an absolute disaster and iPad is going to probably be slightly better.

The Wi-Fi versions of the iPad are available and right now, the only ones who seem to have it are the ones who have got it shipped it to them from USA; somehow.

The US 3G sales for the iPad are expected end of this month with the International sales from 1-month hence. India is not really on this list of countries included so we have to wait as we did for the iPhone 3G-S (to hit Indian shores by the time the iPhone 4.0 is getting ready to be launched)!

The media has covered the iPad in entirety and more so it is safe to say it’s got its pluses (rich color, great vibrant user intuitiveness) and minuses (lack of multitasking, no camera for video conferencing etc.)

However, it is a game changing device esp. for the handheld computer market where traditionally netbooks were beginning to dominate/e-book reader market where the likes of kindle dominate.

It’s to be seen if Apple can sustain their sales but they just had another awesome mind blowing quarter!

As long as Steve Jobs is at the helm, anything’s possible!


Written by Naveen Athresh

April 21, 2010 at 2:21 pm

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