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Garmin nuvi 215 GPS receiver/device

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I had trouble operating my BlackBerry 9000 GPS while on the go in a recent West Coast of India trip. This was something that guided me through every nook and corner during my East Coast of India trip in January earlier this year so I wanted to get a proper GPS device.

1. To solve this, I spoke to Airtel who said they had stopped providing GPS services. They had a service called Wayfinder which was their tip-up with and that used to provide the GPS navigational service for Airtel customers. This was stopped by them for unknown reasons.

2. Another pain point was that my direct subscription with for my BlackBerry 9000 for 1-year had ceased in Feb 2010 and themselves stopped supplying the maps for the BlackBerry 9000 device for some strange reason which no one in their customer support was able to answer to.

3. Also, my concern was that even the basic Google Maps through the device in-built GPS receiver was not working so we had to manually find our way through a lot of places we covered during this West Coast trip.

This was the problem statement: A need for a reliable all time multi purpose GPS device which is rock solid without bothering about other TPP (third party providers) such as Airtel or suddenly deciding to stop operating GPS/mapping services for their own whims and fancies and letting customers suffer as a result without so much as a proper notification of the service being stopped.

Solution: Who else to goto than to GARMIN – the world’s best maker of GPS navigational equipment.



The product is priced at Rs. 12485/-


I got a decent level of discount on this.


I bought this Garmin GPS receiver device for my new Ford Figo to be bought car yesterday from an exclusive dealer for Garmin products in South India.

Here is his address:

Bangalore Survey Instruments Co.

Authorized dealer of Aerial services Pvt. Ltd. for Garmin GPS

Green Avenue Apartments, No, 77, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore


Mobile: 98440 88477

The GPS receiver can obviously be used everywhere on Indian roads and is powered by SatNav maps and an option to plug-in the maps via the SD card slot. Yes, the maps will have to updated every 3-6 months but then this was decent when I test drove it in my car around Bangalore city as well. This device will also work just as well anywhere in the world if I just insert the maps for that location. Isn’t that cool?

Here are some pictures of my Garmin GPS device:


Written by Naveen Athresh

June 9, 2010 at 9:49 am

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  1. i use Garmin GPS whenever i go out, Garmin GPS is very reliable ,`-

    Nonstick Cookware Set ·

    November 14, 2010 at 10:23 pm

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