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MacBook Pro – review

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On my most recent trip to the USA, I bought an Apple MacBook Pro 15″ from Hillsdale, San Mateo, California!

It’s awesome!

I had recently sold my older MacBook White to my old office colleague and decided I could not live without a Mac and being an Apple fan, I immediately bought my Mac!

I got it for a great price and since the same model in India costs a lot more, did save a lot of money on this gadget!

It’s a very powerful machine and features the Intel i7 processor with a lot of processing power and good storage. I researched with my peers before choosing to buy this to see how it compares with it’s Windows counterparts and the general opinion was that compared to a similar Windows machine, this trumps the processing and graphics rendering even for the price premium one ends up paying for Apple devices so overall, it’s a good buy.

Reviews from notebook review websites also concurred with my analysis which suggested that a Mac is beautifully crafted compared to a PC notebook. Also, Windows notebooks found at BestBuy and Fry’s but they just did not look as good or perform as well as my Mac.

Here are some quick reviews/pictures of my Mac!

My MacBook Pro - 15" unboxing

My MacBook Pro - 15" - welcome screen!


Written by Naveen Athresh

November 29, 2010 at 6:48 pm

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