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I have always believed in IXD as a forefront of developing and building and selling products customers would love.

I have been in the Product industry for long enough and used to recruit/closely work with a fairly large sized IXD and graphic design team in my previous company so understand the importance of this.

Cooper ( is a major IXD company and I found references to some books by Alan Cooper from Marty Cagan’s book – Inspired so decided to give those a read.

I must say, I have stacked up about 4-5 books to read up simultaneously – 2 on Agile and 2 on IXD and 1 of course, on my bread and butter, Product Management!

Tall order with a hectic work/travel schedule but I have to renew my voracious appetite for reading books as I used to in 2008.

I have full belief that these books are extremely value adding and will post reviews once done.

I again used the amazon 1-click to perfection to deliver these books wirelessly to my iPad amazon app and wow – it worked like a breeze!

Written by Naveen Athresh

January 16, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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