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List of Gadgets purchased in 2012/13/14

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I have been on a gadget buying binge for the past few years! I have personally made huge investments to spruce up my study room – as I choose to call it – my mission control! 🙂

Some of my notable picks include:

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (512-GB, 8 GB RAM) with type cover and Microsoft Complete warranty

2. Microsoft Surface RT (64-GB, ARM) with type cover

3. SONY HDR-PJ790E Camcorder with a 9-hour battery!

4. Apple iPhone 5S (64-GB)

5. Apple MacBook Air (512-GB, 8 GB RAM) with AppleCare (APP) 3 years

6. Apple TimeCapsule 3TB (with Wi-Fi 802.11ac base station and AirPort Express that connects to this base station)

7. LTE/4G routers connecting the entire house to the Internet with 10+ Mbps upstream and downstream BW and ping times of <30ms

8. IPhone 5S getting a free bump from my 3G speeds to 4G/LTE (an astounding 30-40 Mbps upstream and 20+ Mbps and ping times of <30ms)

9. A complete BOSE Companion 5 series

10. An EPSON Projector – EB 1776W

11. A Brother MFC 7860DW Laser Multi function printer/scanner/copier

12. An amazon kindle Paperwhile 3G e-book reader – my personal collection of e-books from 2009 – till date has skyrocketed from zilch to over 60 books and counting! My deadtree version purchases are no slouch – they continue to ratchet up nicely!

While 2014 (and perhaps, even 2015!) will be sedate from a gadget purchase standpoint, I have ensured I insure my purchases from long term obsolescence. In our IT products industry, the industry moves so fast that products obsolescence is a given. Its how quickly they become obsolete and we guard ourselves that is the trick. As a rule of thumb, I have found that investing in the short term (1-2 years) with sub optimal configurations to cut costs hurts us in the longer term (~5 years). Hence, I always make it a point to go for the very high end. This has two immediate benefits:

1. Serve as a hedge against long-term obsolescence

2. Help fetch a better price in the second hand market for these goods (since I’m ahead of the curve, I still stand to get a good price – its a given that the semi conductor/device 2nd hand  industry is not great in fetching good prices for gadgets but if you choose wisely, you can save yourself an enormous amount of lost sunk costs in such gadgets!)

On a parallel note, if you view this logic across industries, it scales too! At the end of the day, those are products made for mankind too and they become obsolete over time in favor of newer emerging technologies.

Think my automobile purchase cycles. I invested back in Oct 2011 on a Honda City Automatic (highest end!) (complete with a Modulo kit and Michelin tires). It not only has remained relevant even today (nearly 2.5 years post purchase) but also has managed to stay ‘super relevant’ given the latest iteration of the Honda City series launched a few months ago in India (the 5th generation as Honda likes to call it!) looks like a straight lift off from my Honda City look n feel (Modulo kit!) Sometimes, long term thinking in investing on products does help – as explained above!

By the way, its not hard to see this fact emerge: Most of my purchases (in product categories across the board!) are largely either Japanese or Japanese inspired! SONY, Epson, Brother, Honda, Apple, Microsoft (Surface series only!), BOSE – inspired in its beautiful design centric approach)


Written by Naveen Athresh

March 30, 2014 at 10:56 am

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